Assortment of Cookies & Squares  $2

What makes this a “healthier choice”?  The treats are bite-size so no need to deprive your self – portion control is also part of eating healthier!  Two pieces per person.

Coffee Cake  $1.50

Sliced Loaf Cake attractively arranged  on a platter.  Assortment includes Marble, Pound Cake, Banana, Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate Chip.

Assortment of Pastries  $3

Sometimes you just need to celebrate and indulge!  Assortment includes Chocolate Mousse Cake, Tiramisu, Cream Filled Angel Food Cake, Canoli filled with Ricotta, Eclairs, Cheesecake, and more.

Warm Apple Crumble  $12 mini (serves 4), $36 small (serves 12), $72 large (serves 24)

Freshly baked peeled apples (for maximum antioxidants)  topped with oats and only slightly sweetened to cut the tartness.  Try it for breakfast with some plain yogurt!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries  $2.50 each

Premium semi-sweet chocolate enrobes large, fresh strawberries.  A healthier way to indulge!

Chocolate Fountain  $165 (serves up to 50)

Aromas own decadent dark chocolate fondue with fresh cubed fruit and other dipping treats (marshmallows, rice crispy cubes, cream puffs).  Comes with frill picks for dipping.  Our Service Attendant arrives 15 minutes earlier to set-up the fountain and ensure everything is ready for your party!  Includes pick-up.