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Even Scrooge Can Celebrate!

Friday, July 25th, 2014

At Aromas World Kitchen our mission is simple, to provide nutritious and delicious food for all your catering needs. What does that mean exactly? Well, two things actually.

First, and foremost, it means that we deliver quality, health-conscious meals to a wide service area in Vaughan and the GTA. Secondly, our commitment to our clients is second-to-none when it comes to accommodating every concern. We take the time to advise our clients on the best way to make their event a remarkable one that will be talked about for years to come. Our professional network allows us to cater to almost any needs you may have. Be it a humble gathering at your home or office, or an extravagant affair, we aim to serve and please ALL clients.

We are also aware that a big concern for a lot of people is, “HOW MUCH?” It may surprise you to hear that this is not uncommon. So, here are our FIVE TOP SUGGESTIONS for celebrating on a budget without looking like “Scrooge”. Please note that prices quoted are approximate and depend on quantity required, and do not include delivery or taxes.

  1. “Let them eat cake!” It’s the simplest and most cost effective way of celebrating a special occasion. Give it the “wow” factor by selecting a Premium cake and serving non-alcoholic sparkling juice in plastic stemmed cups. Aromas World Kitchen can supply beautifully decorated, unique cakes that are so good yet light people will be talking about it for days afterwards! We can even have a photo or logo put on it. Speciality flavours include Tiramisu, Bacio, Lemon, and many more. Give a speech & make a toast. You’re done! Total cost approx. $2 per person.

  2. Looking for a little more than just cake? Have a mid-morning or afternoon Tea Party. Finger Sandwiches, Fancy Cookies and Tarts with Coffee & Tea costs approx. $4.50 per person. Elevate the affair by using rented Vintage Fine China Tea Cups for an additional $2.50.

  3. Looking to keep it healthier and cut the sugar? Invite people to an Hors d’oeuvres Reception. Mini Chicken Skewers & Quiche with Fresh Crudites, Crackers, Dips & Spreads for approx. $5 will satisfy any hunger pangs before people go on their own way. Make it memorable by serving Chocolate Covered Strawberries for $2.50.

  4. Budget conscious people looking to serve a complete meal can host a Breakfast. Aromas World Kitchen’s Traditional Country Breakfast with Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Breakfast Potatoes and Toast with Butter & Jam costs $8 per person. Include our Barrista Service and have freshly brewed Espressos, Cappuccinos & Lattes prepared for all your guests to make it an extra special event for only $2.75 more.

  5. Here are some general rules of thumb to be aware of:

    -Cold costs less than hot (think sandwiches);

    -Buffets costs less than individual service (food goes further as there is less waste and fewer Servers needed);

    -Disposables are generally cheaper than china. But don’t be fooled in thinking that all disposables are equal though. Foam plates (even though it’s the cheapest) can emit toxins when in contact with hot food. And going with patterned, coloured & plastic disposables can sometimes cost more than renting china dishes. Get a quote and compare to be sure you’re actually saving money.

    -Doing it yourself may seem to save you dollars but doesn’t necessarily make sense. If you consider the risk of people getting sick from mishandled food, the potential for injury, as well fatigue from all the stress these can add up to big expenditures. Relying on a Professional Caterer that’s inspected by Public Health, carries Insurance and can make sure your event runs smoothly saves you money (and your reputation) in the long run.

    -When it comes to choosing the Menu for a Lunch or Dinner, there are several ways to cut the price without compromising on quality or quantity. Because at the end of it all you still want to make sure you have plenty of food to accommodate all your guests. Roast Chicken costs less than Chicken Breast; Mashed Potatoes are cheaper than Roast Potatoes; Rice is less expensive than Pasta; Salad costs less than Cooked Vegetables (remember cold is cheaper than hot); Cake costs less than Pastries (remember individual portions cost more); Pitchers of water, juice & pop cost less than individual cans.

Any way you want it, we can make it happen as well as keep it nutritious & delicious! All you have to do is call us at 905-761-7530, and we will be happy to help you with any catering needs you may have.


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Everything But the Kitchen Sink!

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Actually we can bring that too if you need it!

In addition to catering corporate meetings, we also offer:

  • Full Service Functions (either plated or buffet-style) including:

Service Attendants & Bartenders

Rentals of linens, china, tables & chairs, tents

  • On-site BBQs – we supply the Grill Chef & grill. Or save $$$, and have the food delivered hot and ready to eat!
  • Whether celebrating or mourning, we nourish your guests.  Aromas is a well-known contact when last-minute arrangements are required for Funerals.  Our complete Menus make it easy to order.

View our Menus at:

  • Vintage Fine China Rentals & Menus for Tea Parties – ideal for Retirement Parties, Bridal & Baby Showers, or any Special Occasion. Take a look at the extensive variety of these elegant items:

  • On-site Sushi Chef — perfect for wowing your guests with these healthy appetizers.  Comes with a giant 5-foot Sushi Boat — very impressive!
  • Hand Made Hors d’oeuvres — freshly made and healthier choices rather than the typical high-fat puff pastry other places use.
  • Chocolate Fountain with Fresh Fruit & Dipping Treats. Fun for all ages!
  • On-site Barista Service — Espressos, Cappuccinos & Lattes made-to-order for your guests to enjoy.

Book your Special Event Today! Contact us for pricing & details!

Phone: 905-761-7530 / Email:

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

June 5th is World Environment Day. The key focus of this initiative is to encourage everyone to take an active role in preserving our planet. Be it by reducing plastic use, reducing food waste, or by simply removing unnecessary electrical devices when not in use, you are doing your part.

Decaying food waste in landfills is one of the largest contributors to harmful greenhouse gasses. It also is a waste of the water and land resources invested in the food’s production. We can reduce food waste by managing our meals better, storing food properly, using leftovers, buying imperfect vegetables, and insisting our grocery stores and restaurants commit to reducing food waste as well.

World Environment Day should not be the only day we focus on preservation, we should actively participate every day. Aromas World Kitchen is a prime example of this model, as we reduce our food waste every day by simply following the Canada Food Guide to not only provide healthy meal portions to our clients, but also by eliminating unnecessary leftovers that, all too often, get thrown away. We also pick-up caterware to sanitize and resuse and provide compostable paper plates, cups & bags for our customers. Feel energized to comment on Facebook telling us how you reduce waste in your home or business:

For more info:

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Can you tell when someone’s having an allergic reaction?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

There are many types of food sensitivities, more commonly referred to as “food allergies”, but few people fully comprehend either the severity of these or how to respond to a reaction.  Many deaths linked to sensitivities can be prevented by knowing what to do to accommodate these maladies or, in severe cases, administer an epinephrine auto-injection (EPI Pen) and/or call 911.

Food allergies affect as many as 6% of young children and 3-4% of adults.  A food allergy occurs when a person’s immune system reacts negatively to an otherwise normally tolerated food.  When the food is introduced to the body it responds by creating antibodies known as immunoglobulin, which after introduction stimulate a negative response that can include symptoms such as: trouble breathing, speaking or swallowing, a sudden drop of blood pressure or rapid heartbeat, flushed face, hives, rash, red itchy skin, swollen eyes, face, lips, throat, and tongue, anxiety, distress, faintness, paleness, weakness, cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of consciousness.

The most commonly known food allergens are peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts/filberts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts/pignolias, pistachio nuts, and walnuts), sesame seeds, milk, eggs, seafood, soy, wheat, sulphites, and mustard.  There is no known cure however prevention is the easiest form of control.  This is done by being aware of ingredients in foods/products you consume, and also by always carrying an EPI Pen.

Chemical sensitivities occur when a person has an adverse reaction to chemicals contained naturally in foods or food additives. Caffeine, tyramine (aged cheeses), and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are examples of these chemicals.

Food intolerance is a sensitivity that does not involve the immune system like a food allergy.  Instead, these take effect at the gastrointestinal level and take longer to produce symptoms.  These are usually caused by the inability to produce certain enzymes to break down or absorb certain foods.

At Aromas World Kitchen we prepare food from scratch so it is easy to adjust our recipes if necessary, plus we never use MSG.  If you have a guest that requires a little special attention it is our pleasure to accommodate them in any way we can.  This is also why we offer a wide selection on our menu as we know it can sometimes be difficult to plan around food intolerances at meetings and events.  Should you require any assistance please feel free to email us at or contact us by phone at 905-761-7530.

We are always striving to meet our customers’ needs; be it a big celebration or the most specific detail on your menu.  Throughout the month of May we are educating people about how to prevent a food-related allergic reaction from happening as well as continuing to accommodate special dietary requirements should they be a concern. For more information on allergic reaction prevention and tips on what to do when faced with such emergencies  please visit Health Canada’s website at:

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Every 3 minutes…

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
by Dave Newman

Every three minutes another Canadian is faced with a battle against cancer.  About one third of all cancers are preventable by eating well, physical activity, and maintaining a healthy body weight.  Studies show that cancer prevention is not as simple as eating one miracle food.  Scientists are now taking a broader approach, finding that a combination of healthier foods and lifestyle choices are more beneficial than stocking up on the latest health trend.

Eating more plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans is an excellent way to begin.  Fruits and vegetables that are high in fibre, with little sugar and fats, and meats low in sodium, nitrates and fats are the most beneficial choices to include in your diet to reduce the risk of cancer.  Cooking meat at a higher temperature also can increase your risk of colorectal cancer.  Methods such as broiling, barbequed, well done, and fried can create chemicals called heterocyclic amines.  While these by-products of cooking are not all harmful, some have been linked to an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer.  Fats from meat, poultry, and fish dripping onto hot coals, or stones, can create cancer-causing substances known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which simply put, solidify onto food through smoke and flare-ups.

At Aromas World Kitchen, we pride ourselves knowing that we have made a difference by offering delicious, healthier choices that are prepared fresh every day in our kitchen.  We make it easy for you to choose healthy by taking the most delicious cuisine from around the world and transforming these culinary delights into lower fat, additive free dishes that can be enjoyed in your home, office, or at your event without worry of negative side effects.  That is why we use our own in-house prepared meats instead of using deli meats in our sandwiches, as deli meats are known to be high in fat, sodium and contain cancer causing nitrates.

This month we are showcasing our Quinoa & Berries dish as well as our popular Berry Bowl. These foods, while high in antioxidants, are also low in fat and high in fibre and are excellent to eat any time of day or as a dessert to finish off a meal.  We are also proud to be supporting the Canadian Cancer Society by wearing our pins and taking the time to educate people and encourage healthy attitudes.

Please take a moment to visit to learn more about prevention tips and healthier choices.

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Is your catered food being prepared safely?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Did you know that food service establishments, including commercial catering facilities like Aromas World Kitchen, must be inspected at least two times per year? This certifies that your food is being stored and cooked at the proper temperatures and that the premises is properly sanitized to avoid food contamination.

Some people offer “catering” out of their homes, which actually is illegal, and does not protect the public from food-borne illnesses due to improper handling. Make sure that you know where the food you order is coming from and ask to see a copy of the most recent Public Health Inspection Certificate. It is actually required to be posted in a visible location at the entrance of the building.

It’s a Green Pass for us! See a copy of Aromas World Kitchen’s Inspection Certificate on our Facebook page.

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Aromas World Kitchen – Funeral Catering Services

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

We understand that losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional time for you and your family.  There are so many things to attend to in a short period of time.   Having Aromas World Kitchen cater the funeral reception helps you focus on other things during this busy time.

We’re not surprised when we receive calls asking if we cater for funerals.  In fact not all catering companies are able to accommodate these large, last-minute requests.  People are relieved to learn that Aromas World Kitchen has been catering funeral receptions since 2004.  We have the experience and reliability to provide delicious food on short notice.  We have developed a system to coordinate the food preparation, staffing and rentals to accommodate large groups of up to 500 people.  You can be assured that every detail will be taken care of.

Through our experience we have designed very successful and affordable funeral food options that are popular, easy to serve, and suitable for sit-down or stand-up receptions. And, as a healthier choice caterer we include vegetarian options at no additional charge.  You can choose from our selection of funeral menus or we can help you design a custom menu quickly and easily.

All of our funeral menus come as a complete package and we will take care of everything for you so that the reception is ready for when you and your guests arrive, including:

– Freshly prepared and delicious food attractively arranged on platters

– On-Time Delivery

– Linen Table Covers

– Set-up of the Buffet

– Coffee, Tea, Juices & Soft Drinks

– Disposable plates, cutlery, cups & napkins

– Service Attendants to help serve and clean-up

Rentals of china dishes, glassware, tables & chairs or any other requirements can also be arranged.

If you prefer, we will also simply deliver your food selections ready for you to help yourselves.

We appreciate it is a difficult time.  Allow us to help you at your moment of need with our professional funeral catering service.


Call Aromas World Kitchen at 905-761-7530 for a quote or custom menu.

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What makes Aromas World Kitchen your best choice for corporate catering services in the GTA & York Region?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Companies located in the GTA & York Region have been relying on corporate catering services provided by Aromas World Kitchen for over eight years.  Our commercial catering facility is conveniently located near Hyw #7 between Hyw #400 & Hyw #404 allowing us easy and quick access to all parts of the surrounding area so you can be assured that your order will be delivered on time.  As an Eat Smart Award Winner, Aromas World Kitchen is considered a healthier choice GTA Caterer.  We prepare food from scratch and can easily accommodate custom requests and dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose-free, food allergies, etc.  We scrutinize recipes and ingredients and only provide items that are wholesome & natural as well as lower in fat & sodium.  Our portions are based on Canada’s Food Guide so you always get the right amount for your group size with no wasted food or budget.  And, we’re eco-frineldy, too!  We provide biodegradable plates & cups with each order as well as pick-up, sanitize & re-use caterware thus reducing unnecessary waste.  Your company maintains a high-quality image and makes a good impression on your employees & visitors when you use Aromas World Kitchen Catering Services.


We know that catering is more than just about good tasting food.  We seek to establish a relationship with all our corporate clients to understand each company’s specific requirements.  From friendly order-takers to helpful delivery people to courteous Service Attendants, it is clearly evident why so many companies choose Aromas World Kitchen as their first choice for office catering.  Whether for  small Board meetings or large company functions, Aromas World Kitchen is equipped to accommodate all your corporate catering needs.  See our menu online at and e-mail or call us at 905-761-7530 to become one of our well cared for clients!

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